Knock Knock it’s Stock

Posted on April 6, 2019

For someone like me who is passionate about design and photography, it is a good idea to keep your craft up and look around for other outlets.

This is why stock photography is a great resource for any creatives out there.  It is something you can do on your own accord, with your own ideas, not having clients or another creative director breathing own your back.  While honing your skills or practicing new ideas,  you can earn money by selling your pictures on stock photo sites. This is something I have done for a while now, but don’t talk much about.

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This method of shooting is not about making big bucks, it’s more about another outlet for your mind to wander.

In fact, numerous stock photography sites will compete for your business, giving you lots of potential customers. Take time to weigh each one’s terms and conditions: They offer different royalties, and some will lock you into exclusivity agreements, where they pay you more if you promise not to sell your pictures anywhere else.

To succeed you need to shoot high-quality images that also have commercial or editorial value. Start by asking yourself whether someone could use them as illustrations for an article, advertisement, poster, or social media.

Now get out there and start shooting! All is takes in some concepts that you can see multiple people or businesses buying, and your technical skillset.


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