My name is Alexis but I go by Lex. It’s nice to meet you!

I am a photographer and designer with a passion for creating currently living in Portland, Oregon.


(This is the most badass picture of me, worth showcasing for proof it exists)

Fueled by creative energy, infectious enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial streak, I am passionate about good design and the role it plays in transforming an idea into something more.

I build stories, I come up with bright ideas and I elevate concepts. I create visuals that resonate, inspire, motivate and connect.

Since I was little, I have always made photographs to interpret my surroundings and tell stories. My personal work is deeply rooted in nostalgia, memory, and identity.

I find myself gravitating to bold, warm color hues and designs that I was brought up looking at and fell madly in love with.

Photography is an incredible tool allowing me to fulfill my desire to collect the present while preserving the past.

I am forever in pursuit of a unique creative outlet and will push boundaries to reflect our individuality; ensuring we habitually ground ourselves through thought provoking design processes.

I love to collaborate with motivated doers, inspiring industry leaders and creative spirits to conceive, cultivate and elevate their brands and ideas.

Through every project I undertake, I am dedicated to making the world a more inspired and meaningful place.